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On line Manual using the Digital Signature


Digital Certificate

DGFT- Electronic Filing (without Dgital Certificate)

Digital Certificate Based Access

DGFT Electronic Filing Page with various Licensing Modules

Submit in Office

Submit Message (for the concerned office)

Review Message (Digital Id)

Sign & Sumbit Message

You can start using your digital certificate as soon as it is installed on your computer. The digital certificate is normally installed in the web browser certificate. Therefore to use the certificate from any system/computer -SafeScrypt is providing a USB ( a small hardware in the shape of key), which can be used to store the digital certificate.

1). Give the URL


The following Web Page with the heading DGFT Electronic Filing of Applications will appear.


2) In case you want to File the online application without Digital Certificate you can give your IEC ,IEC Branch Code and Password under the heading User Name-Password Based Access on the upper part of the page. Click Login Button to proceed. (Please Note: The user without Digital Id facility will come directly to On Line Filing of Application Main Page)

 3) If you have want to access the DGFT online filing facility using the Digital Certificate, click the Login Button under the heading Digital Certificate Based Access (on the lower half of the page).




4) The following dialog box will appear wherein the Company Name and the valid date for your digital access will appear automatically.

5) Click the Login Button


 DGFT Electronic Filing Page with various Licensing Modules

6) The following Web page will appear wherein the links for various DGFT applications will appear on the left- hand side.



 On Line Filing of Application Main Page




 7)Click the Submit Button after completing the data entry when the following dialog box will appear. Select the Office Name from the drop down menu.

8)Click OK Button



 9)The Following Submit message box will appear wherein the selected Office Code along with Office Name will appear.

10) Click on Yes Button




 11)Click Yes Button when the entire application in Office Note format shall be visible to you.

12)At the bottom of the Office Note, the following Sign&Submit and Cancel Button will appear.

13)Click the Sign&Submit when the following Review Message box will appear.


14)You can view the file before signing it digitally.


15)Click Sign Button on the above dialog box when Ecom Reference Number along with Successfully Signed & Submitted message will displayed on the web page

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